How to Make an Irish Coffee

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There’s nothing like an Irish Coffee - tasty, invigorating and energising. It was invented by a barman named Joe Sheridan, who was working at Shannon International Airport during the 1940s and wished to provide a refreshing beverage for the tired American travellers disembarking from the eighteen hour transatlantic flight. He developed the Irish coffee, a soothing and sophisticated drink and it took off from there to become the world renowned brand that it is today. If you are passing through Shannon airport, pop in to the Joe Sheridan Café Bar, drink an Irish Coffee and read the plaque honouring his achievement. To make your own, follow these simple steps:

1. Heat up a stemmed whiskey goblet.

2. Pour in a shot of your favourite Irish whiskey.

3. Drop in three teaspoonfuls of brown sugar. (The sugar is essential for floating the cream on the top.)

4. Fill to within two inches of the rim of your favourite black coffee.

5. Stir the contents gently.

6. Add fresh cream, pouring over the back of a spoon to the top. (Whipped cream is sometimes used although it is not the original recipe but it will float even if the coffee is not made with sugar.)

7. Do not stir. The coffee is sipped through the cream.

It should, in the words of it’s creator, have ‘cream as rich as an Irish brogue; coffee as strong as a friendly hand; sugar as sweet as the tongue of a rogue and whiskey as smooth as the wit of the land.’

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